Each person's experience is unique, video ads should be too.

Showing the "right message to the right person at the right time" requires personalizing the brand's creative. While display creative dynamic allows personalization in static ads, brands and agencies have struggled to produce personalized advertising at scale for video. Difrenti overcomes this challenge by creating relevant visual experiences for all audiences cross-screen: desktop, mobile, set-up box and connected TV by creating hundreds/thousands of unique video versions.

In contrast to creative targeting, where one develops and traffic each variation separately. Difrenti empowers advertisers to apply as many dynamic elements as they want within just one creative - quickly and with ease! In addition, this gives you more opportunities for creative expression without adding to your workload.




If programmatic is from Mars, creative were from Venus

Despite the rise of programmatic advertising as a major way ads are bought and optimized, advertisers, agency execs and tech vendors grumble that little headway has been made in merging creative and programmatic. Difrenti is Surinamese for ‘various’. Our tool fits in every ad-stack and creates thousands of variations of one video creative. Leveraging on 1st and 3rd party data. We’re currently in private beta, testing with a limited but increasing number of selected advertisers, agencies and publishers. We'll keep you informed in our blogs. We are open for a limited amount of brands and agencies. If you are interested in our Private Beta. Leave a message we’ll be in touch.


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Artificial Intelligence in video advertising is finally here.. to.. stay..

Like many marketing technologies, programmatic video ad creation has been on the horizon for a while and now looks like it’s finally arriving as investment increases. One great example is the Tennessee Tourism the organization. They used programmatic creative video for a pre-roll video ad campaign that included 12 templates with more than 2,000 final […]